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The identity of the Snark Diva is elusive, but what I can tell you is that I am a mother, a creator of multimedia and web design (I designed the blog banner), and a squealing fangirl of all things geeky and techy. I love computers except when they don’t cooperate, and I am the one my family calls when they have computer problems. I don’t encourage this, but it happens all the time. I try to hide. Really…

I love to read and write. I like to get artsy with Photoshop whenever I get a chance, and I play with digital photography and video editing when I find the time. I am mostly liberal though sadly uniformed about most things political (who has time for their drama when I have my own?), and a fierce proponent of equal rights for all.

I like to think my snarky exterior is a cover for my true nature — that being a bossy b*tch — but we’ll just pretend the snarkiness is a charming personality trait.

I’m that gossipy neighbor who likes to come over and drink your wine coolers and eat your chips, then leave in a hurry when one of my kids suffers a less-than-life-threatening playground injury. All in all, I’m kinda fun to be around, and you need not be afraid — my snark is worse than my bite!

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